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We offer side-by-side reviews of 4 top websites for sourcing wholesale Dvd's. Our number one pick is SaleHoo as they have access to 100's of reliable, legitimate wholesale suppliers of latest title DVD movies. If you need something, but can't find it, the team at Salehoo will research and find you the best supplier fast and easily. Runner-up is Buy Anything Wholesale. This site doesn't offer the full support of Salehoo, but it does include a comprehensive range of wholesale distributors.

Each of the sites we review give online access to their supplier databases so you can start sourcing discount DVD's right away. All the best of luck for your future wholesale ventures.

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Number One Pick -  Salehoo.com

Sourcing wholesale products can often become frustrating for 2 main reasons. Firstly looking for true Wholesale Prices, secondly, finding suppliers who are actually willing to do business with you. Salehoo are aware of these issues, so they personally test the wholesalers they recommend.

Salehoo's live chat makes it easy to take advantage of their 'If we don't have it, we'll find it' policy, discuss all your wholesale supplier options or clear any confusion immediately. Bonus information you get means you will always get the best deal possible.

This site provides the ultimate directory for finding wholesale dvd's, video games, electronics, clothing and much more. Another outstanding benefit of Salehoo.com is that it covers every aspect of purchasing, wholesale fundementals, contacts, tactics to maximise your success.

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Runner Up - Buy Anything Wholesale

Buy Anything Wholesale promises alot on their website, and they live up to what they say. Connecting you with suppliers able to offer you gaming consoles, electronics and clothing at up to 80% below retail price.

Publisher of Buy Anything Wholesale Charles Dougherty has spent the last 3 months interviewing eBay powersellers, purchasing & researching other wholesale lists, and meeting & greeting with suppliers from all over the world. He has learned to negotiate with these wholesale suppliers and dropshippers, and is passing the deals he has cut onto you!

Although Buy Anything Wholesale does not offer everything found in Salehoo, it is a good resource for finding some valuable wholesale contacts.

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Third Place - Ultimate Auction Info

Ultimate Auction Info's in depth database offers access to 1000's of top quality wholesalers. UAF includes options to search for wholesalers willing to deal in per item sales, or bulk purchase wholesalers depending on your circumstances.

UAF's wholesaler contacts are not limited to the common wholesale lists online, with contact details of niche companies that are not yet online. When you join up to Ultimate Auction Info, as an added bonus you receive there latest Marketing Secrets e-book offering helpful tips to maximize your profitability online! Although Ultimate Auction Info cannot parallel the quality, initiatives, and support of Salehoo, it does offer some great top brand supplier contacts, and new ideas for selling your wholesale goods.

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Fourth Place - Guides For Wholesale

'Guides for wholesale' consists of an impressive database of proven & trustworthy wholesale suppliers. This site is great for people looking to sell via flea markets, and includes deals directly from wholesalers, distributors, vendors & liquidators.

As part of your membership you receive access to the 'Guides for wholesale library,' including some simple information to assist with your wholesale business.

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